For My Beautiful Girl


My angel, my all, I almost lost myself in my dream tonight about us. Knowing that I am far away from your embrace, I cannot stop staring at the first evening star, knowing that you are also looking at it with your own lovely eyes. Let me share a kiss with you as you read these words, my beloved. So many dreams have gone to waste for every moment we're apart, and all I ever have are the words from my own heart to send you. Let my pen draw you closer to me, my angel, so that I can clearly picture you on this writing tablet as I write your name on it, over and over again. No longer do I have justification for my own life, but your goals are more reasons now for me to utter a prayer for another tomorrow. I will soon be with you, my love. It may not be tonight or tomorrow, but I promise you, when you hear our song again-that will be the day we will be together again.

I am eternally yours.