My Destiny


From the very first moment I saw you across the room, I knew you were my destiny. No man had ever captured my attention so fully or made my heart skip a beat the way it did that chilly February night. Your smile lit up the entire room, your laughter was delightfully contagious, and your mere presence warmed my heart and soul. I had no doubt you were the man God made especially for me.

I want to thank you for that late night talk in the rain. You might have thought it was crazy then, but now you know it has ensured our future with an everlasting memory. Thank you for the conversation on the recliner in the sunroom and for asking me to be yours that night. Most importantly, thank you for falling in love with me and making me your wife. No matter how quickly our courtship passed, I know that standing before God and family and vowing to be your partner for life was the easiest decision I ever made.

After only ten days as man and wife, we suddenly found ourselves divided by thousands of miles of sand and sea--separated by your service to our great nation and a war that could not wait. We've been apart for over seven months now. Each day that passes me by only makes my love for you grow stronger. Though we may struggle through our separation, please remember my love for you knows no boundaries and will continue to stretch across any ocean and over every grain of sand between us to get to you.

I may be your wife, but you are my life. No war or distance can ever keep me from my destiny. I miss you so much, and I will be here with open arms when you come home to me where you belong.

Loving you now and forever,