So Close, Yet So Far


Our love started over the Internet and everything seemed almost perfect then. We had never met, but the love we felt was so big and true, even then, and could only become complete by meeting each other.

The very first day I saw you in person, we said, "hello," immediately felt the thrill of that love and held one another so tightly. We didn't want to let go, and time stood still. We had a perfect day, and we knew it could only get better and better if we held, kissed, and hugged one another. After that moment, we never went through a day without saying how much we loved and needed each other and would for the rest of our lives.

Being far away from you is difficult. Not sharing every day with you and not being able to hold you whenever I want hurts so much, but I know that at the end of all this pain, I will find you again. You stood by my side when things were good, and when they were bad, you listened and hugged me saying, "Everything's gonna be okay." And it was.

I know we'll have a great life together, and I can't wait for us to be with each other every day now, sharing everyday problems and joy, without having to leave one another's side. Fate is putting us through this, but we'll come out of it all shining, as the love we feel for each other is hard to find.

I'm proud of the person you are. I love the way you treat me and everyone else. I'm proud to be with someone like you, the sweetest and most caring guy I've ever known. Don't ever change, Honey, as you're perfect--we're perfect for each other and it will be like this for the rest of our lives.