Stormy Times


Being apart from you again is like feeling death in slow motion. I think of how things could have been, if only we had gotten married. But what can we do about it now? Pray for peace. I'm lost without you and can't think about anything but what our destiny could be. Suddenly, I close my eyes and imagine your hands caressing my face, fearing that you'll feel the tears running down my cheeks. I know you're hurting as much as I am, but I don't want you to feel sorry for me. I love you, and I'm not sorry for loving you. You have given me so much happiness, and I know you love me now in your own great way. I miss you so much, and the fear of losing you is driving me crazy. Don't let our love die because of the distance, nor let our faith fade away. I'm waiting for you to come back to my arms, and make the sun shine once again on these stormy times.