Your Ghost


We immediately connected in a way that lifted us above all else. It was so passionate, yet so spiritually uplifting--that's what "making love" is all about. It's spiritual, yet passionate at the same time. That intellectual, genuine, true appreciation for one another that we've had since we first met was the purest form of affection I have ever experienced. Now it's gone, at least for now.

I have always been a very strong person but, as you can plainly see, I am hopelessly lost, like a little child that's been alone too long. On occasion, though, I can hear you in the house and, for a moment, like the poet said, "All's right with the world." I haven't thanked you lately for shining that light on my life.

Your ghost keeps me company for a few seconds every once in a while. I wake up in the morning, and hear you in the kitchen, or in the shower, or I can smell your perfume, but it's just the ghost again. But I thank God every time I feel it, because when I am apart from my one and only soul mate, I learn to appreciate the little things we shared, even more than before.

I believe that neither one of us really knew what true love could be until we met, nor what real passion was before we made love for the first time. We will make it through this now; we just have to trust one another enough not to be afraid of how overwhelming our challenges can be.

You are my sunrise and sunset, every single day. You are my heart and soul--never have I met anyone with your kind spirit and loving heart. I am truly sorry if I have ever let an opportunity slip by without letting you know how special you were.

I will love you always.