Pop Rocks and the 4Th

Sample Letter #1

It will always be you that brings fireworks into my life, not just on the 4th of July but every day before and after. I will always love you. Whether we are together or not, my love for you is still as strong as it was in the beginning. Maybe stronger because I am more determined than ever that we belong together. Now if I could only get you to believe it too and to stop being so afraid. I will never hurt you; I will never leave you. I love you unconditionally. I have seen both the best and the worst of you and I love you more because of that. I want to go back to where we were. I want to be even better than that. You know it's right, that's why even though we have been broken up for over a year; we still find our way back to each other every time we see one another. We can't stay away. I see your love for me in your eyes, in your smile and my love for you is reflected back at you every time I look at you.

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