Offer Sympathy For the Loss of a Job • Letter Templates and Guides

How to write this letter:

1Express your sympathy briefly
2Sympathize with your reader's loss, yet focus on the temporary nature of the setback.
3Offer further sympathy and support.


A letter offering sympathy for the loss of a job respectfully acknowledges the reader's misfortune while offering comfort and support. Be brief and sincere as you write a message reaffirming your faith in the individual's ability to cope.

Example Letter #1


Just a note to express my sympathy at the loss of your job. I understand how challenging it is when something like this happens, but considering your skills, I am sure this is just a temporary setback. It shouldn't be long before you are "back in the saddle." In the meantime I am enclosing a job listing from the Doe Temporary Service in Lincoln that may be of interest to you.

Example Letter #2


It's difficult to believe that Doe Corporation is laying you off. Obviously, the management doesn't recognize a vital resource while she is under their own roof. When I lost my job, it seemed like the world, but things quickly turned around. I am confident that this layoff will merely be an opportunity to prove your resourcefulness, and you will land a good job in no time. If you would like to offer your services to my firm, please forward your resume and I will give it to the partners. Regardless of your decision, please call me soon, and we can arrange lunch sometime.

Example Letter #3


I was sorry to hear that you were one of the many who were laid off during this terrible recession. But, now that you are free to seek other employment, perhaps this is the time to seriously consider the career that you have always wanted in the travel industry. If you want to explore this option, contact an associate of mine named John Doe at 555-5555. He should be able to give you a few leads to get started. Give me a call if I can help.

Example Letter #4


I am sorry to hear that you lost your position in the company's downsizing. I know it is difficult to lose a job. It seems that no matter how we plan, there are some things that are beyond our control. I will be happy to give you a letter of reference and will let you know if I hear of any jobs. Good luck.


Sympathize with your reader's loss, yet focus on the temporary nature of the setback.

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