Compliment or Praise an Employee's Family For Their Contribution to the Employee's Success

Dr. Mel Luthy, Chief Editor

Sample Letter #1

I want you to know that Jane is one of our most valued employees. She is bright, cheerful, and gets along well with even the most difficult personalities. She always comes to work full of enthusiasm, ready to take on new challenges, and eager to share her insights. You deserve to be very proud of her. If her qualities are indicative of what her parents are like, then you must be very special. Jane is fortunate to have such a supportive family. Thank you for your contribution to Jane's success at Doe Corporation.

Sample Letter #2

We want you to know how happy we are that Jane has joined our staff. She has brought new perspectives and boundless energy that has been welcomed by all. It is a delight to work with her. We know it is not easy to balance the demands of home with work, and we appreciate the accommodations you have made to support Jane in her professional opportunity. We will try to be as considerate as possible of your family's needs.

Sample Letter #3

We want to thank you for the way you supported John over the last few weeks as we were getting our new product into production. The long hours we have all worked have been a strain on our families, and your support for John has been outstanding. John's work has been an essential part of our success with this new product. We hope you and John will now be able to enjoy some extra time together, as all members of the development team have been given an additional week of paid leave.

Sample Letter #4

I wanted you to know how pleased we are to have your son working with us. Harold has proved time and again that hard work and patience make a great worker. In the six months he has been with us, Harold has never stopped challenging others' notions about what he is capable of. Harold's contributions are invaluable to our operation, not in spite of his disabilities, but in their own right. I know this strength of Harold's must have come to him from his family. We all thank you for your support.

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Helpful Tips

This letter compliments an employee's family members for their part in the employee's success. It is an excellent way to develop good rapport with those whose support is very important. Mention the employee by name and keep the tone of the letter friendly and informal.

Writing Steps

1. Mention the employee by name and discuss how much you value him or her.

Example Sentences

  • Jane has been a wonderful employee these past five years and has contributed a great deal to our firm, especially in product research. We have greatly benefited from her insights. Not only is she bright, but she works long, productive hours and often gets so involved in her work that she doesn't notice that five o'clock has passed.
  • Your son John has been a tremendous asset to our company since his first week on the job. He knows how to work well with others and always has excellent suggestions to offer.
  • As you already know, John is a model employee. I am sure he must succeed not only at work, but in many other areas of life as well.
  • It seems that Jane comes up with fresh, exciting ideas every day. She arrives at the office each morning full of energy and enthusiasm. We are fortunate to have her work with us.
  • John is one of the most effective managers we have had at Doe Associates. He has a warm, personable style that motivates workers to do their best.
  • When John applied for work at Doe Corporation last year, we had no idea he would change the very structure of our organization. We greatly value his contributions.

Example Phrases

  • a model employee
  • a remarkable talent for
  • am confident that
  • an exceptional young
  • an excellent work ethic
  • are glad to have
  • can certainly be proud of
  • feel fortunate to have
  • has succeeded in
  • has contributed so much
  • has been a wonderful
  • has become a great asset
  • have benefited a great deal from
  • have come to value
  • how much we enjoy
  • is highly valued
  • one of our most
  • will succeed in whatever
  • works diligently and well

2. Thank the family member(s) for his or her contribution to the employee's performance.

Example Sentences

  • In some of our personal conversations, Jane has told me how she has appreciated the support of her family in her career. We too are grateful.
  • His ability to empathize with others' concerns reflects well on the kind of environment in which he was reared. Thank you for your part in his success.
  • We thought you would like to know what a remarkable job he is doing. Thank you for your support.
  • We know that balancing the demands of family and career is never easy, but it appears that her family is a great support. Thank you for helping her be so productive.
  • Thank you for helping him give his best.
  • We know that no one can accomplish what he has without solid support from his family. We thank you.

Example Phrases

  • a bright future
  • an exceptional family
  • an outstanding future
  • appreciates the support
  • are aware of the occasions when
  • are grateful to you
  • are the beneficiaries of
  • being there for
  • giving us the opportunity
  • have brought up such a fine
  • how proud you must be
  • how much we appreciate
  • is a reflection
  • look forward to
  • makes a significant difference
  • reflects the values of
  • solid support from
  • the support you give
  • the way you help

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