Give Personal Compliments or Praise

Dr. Mel Luthy, Chief Editor

Sample Letter #1

I will always remember your willingness to help me during my time of need. It takes a very special person to leave her important work on short notice and come to the aid of a neighbor. Your example is a wonderful lesson to us all. Please accept my sincere thanks.

Sample Letter #2

My compliments on the way you conducted the division meeting this morning. I was surprised by the number of people who were opposed to the consolidation of our departments, but you handled the controversy remarkably well. You have an enviable ability to stay cool and help opposing parties reach agreement. It is a pleasure to work with you. Thanks for helping us all find the best solution.

Sample Letter #3

When John had his automobile accident last month, many of us offered to help while he was convalescing at home. Our efforts made a difference because you took the time to organize volunteers for specific tasks on specific days. I admire your willingness, energy, and organizational abilities. Everyone in the neighborhood joins with me in thanking you for what you did. Your example has been a great lesson for us.

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Helpful Tips

A letter demonstrates a special effort to express a compliment, and also provides a tangible reminder of the praise. Keep the tone personal and sincere.

Writing Steps

1. Mention the reason why you are complimenting or praising the reader.

Example Sentences

  • Ever since you volunteered to take care of my sister's children while she recuperated from her surgery, I have admired your unselfishness.
  • I just want you to know that I think you are doing a terrific job.
  • Congratulations on getting funding for the next phase of development. You are becoming something of a legend around here.
  • I have learned more from you than from any teacher I have ever had.
  • I talked to John Doe yesterday, and he said that you did a superb job of filling in for me.
  • I was impressed by the way you handled the Little League team. I had no idea you were a coach.

Example Phrases

  • am so proud of the way
  • congratulations on
  • did such a wonderful job
  • ever since you
  • for your unwavering support during
  • have taught me so much about
  • have had great admiration for
  • have had a profound effect on
  • have restored my faith in
  • how grateful I have been for
  • how much I admire
  • how impressed I have been
  • knowing that I could count on you
  • must congratulate you
  • of how much you have meant to
  • the superb job you have done
  • want you to know
  • was delighted to discover
  • wonder if you are fully aware of

2. Acknowledge positive personal qualities or special efforts.

Example Sentences

  • I know that she feels comfortable leaving the children with you because of your caring, patient personality.
  • You always manage to meet each deadline with high quality work.
  • You definitely have a gift for writing convincing business plans.
  • You have a way of explaining things that is easy for me to understand. Not everyone has such a gift.
  • You have always put forth extra effort in your assignments. I really appreciate being the one who benefits this time.
  • You are able to motivate the young players while staying positive. We truly appreciate that quality in the leaders of our youth.

Example Phrases

  • always manage to
  • can always count on you
  • composure and resolve
  • concern and sensitivity
  • cordial and helpful
  • deserve the very best
  • gave me the incentive to
  • handled it like a pro
  • have a gift for
  • if it hadn't been for you
  • not sure how you managed
  • particularly appreciate
  • patience and determination
  • such a flair
  • the way you
  • your patience with
  • your valuable expertise
  • your remarkable selflessness
  • your ability to
  • your willingness to
  • your vision of
  • your outstanding talent

3. Convey confidence in the reader or express appreciation.

Example Sentences

  • I know she appreciates everything you do.
  • We are proud to have you on the team.
  • You have a great future in this business.
  • I am sure others feel the way I do.
  • It's great to have a colleague who will help this way.
    Thank you for your kindness.
  • Thanks for being such a great example.
  • Thanks for your helpful contributions.
  • Thank you for helping me at this difficult time.
  • Please accept my sincere gratitude.

Example Phrases

  • always knew that you
  • am confident that
  • are proud to
  • are a great friend
  • are an inspiration to
  • can always count on you
  • don't know what we would have done
  • for being there
  • for being such a help
  • for helping
  • for your kindness
  • have a great future
  • is much appreciated
  • know that you will succeed
  • making a great contribution
  • my respect and admiration
  • please accept
  • really appreciate all you've done
  • sincere gratitude for
  • such a great example
  • thanks for everything
  • to have you as part of our team

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