Introduce Someone to an Organization or the Community

Dr. Mel Luthy, Chief Editor

Sample Letter #1

We're pleased to announce that Dr. Eric Doe, acclaimed as a daring interpreter of the works of Widor, will soon be visiting Springfield. Dr. Doe is a 2001 graduate of the Paris Conservatoire and at present teaches privately in Centerville.

We have scheduled a recital and a master's class by Dr. Doe, to be held on August 14 and 15 respectively, and encourage all Organ Guild members to attend. Details of time and location are pending but will be announced in our July meeting.

Since Dr. Doe has specialized experience in keyboard instruction for children, we especially encourage teachers of younger musicians to attend his master's class, where he will demonstrate many of his highly effective pedagogical approaches. In keeping with the tradition of all past guild events, we anticipate that Dr. Doe's visit will be a musically rewarding experience for all our members. Make plans now to join with Dr. Doe in August!

Sample Letter #2

It is an honor for me to introduce John Doe as a new member of our study group. I have known John since high school and consider him one of my closest friends. With a master's degree in American history and ten years as a full-time researcher of American history, John's knowledge will benefit our efforts in many ways. Please take a moment to introduce yourself, so he can begin to feel at home. I know you will come to appreciate him, as I have.

Sample Letter #3

We are fortunate to receive Ms. Jane Doe as a new member of the Springfield Auxiliary Club. Ms. Doe recently relocated to Springfield from Centerville, Kansas, where she was a city councilwoman and a mother of four. I think you will find her insights helpful and her sense of humor delightful. Please take the opportunity to introduce yourself and welcome her. She is a remarkable woman.

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